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Step 1: What can I afford?
Step 2: Homebuyer counseling
Step 3: Making an offer
Step 4: Applying for a mortgage
Step 5: The home inspection
Step 6: The closing process

Frequently asked questions
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Attending a homebuyer counseling course will help you understand the complexities of buying a home, and will prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership.

What are the benefits of homebuyer counseling?
Homebuyer counseling will educate you on a variety of aspects of buying and owning a home.

You’ll learn about:    

  • Applying for a mortgage
  • Downpayment and closing cost requirements
  • Credit
  • Making an offer
  • The home inspection
  • Preparing for closing
  • Post-purchase issues
  • Budgeting

Where can I locate a homebuyer counseling course?
FREE homebuyer counseling courses are held in communities across Texas.  To find a homebuyer counseling course in your area, please click here.  This will redirect you to HUD’s website where you can further narrow your search by entering your city and by selecting "Homebuyer Education Programs."

Homebuyer Counseling

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